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July 2017 at Wark Farm

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  • 08-12-2017

Taking my cue from a globe that seems to be keen on change i and the absence of a normal, and isn't quite sure what the new normal is, if there ever actually was one, and being, personally speaking, generally quite happy for there to be no normal, we were selling at Banchory market yesterday and are doing the July open days this week.

IAfter an absence for a while, we have the return of venison on the list this month, local red deer, the free-range organic fed chicken are back on the menu too (another new variety this month, feedback as always welcome) alongside our own Belted Galloway beef, Hebridean Lamb/hogget (the lambs are now over a year old, so technically hogget and some of them are now the pure bred Hebrideans rather than the cross bred ones) along with some pies and bacon. It's a nice looking selection of meat this month, sometimes it just looks great!

On the farm, some normal things are happening though, pregnant cows are having calves, some lovely ones coming along, grass is growing busily in the damp and warmth and the wild flower meadows are coming into their own now. It would be a good thing if these things stay normal and on't change.