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News from The Farm June 2021

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  • 14-06-2021


Newsletter June 2021

Some of the longer suffering readers of the Wark Farm monthly newsletters will have heard before that we started farming commercially here almost as a secondary interest to the management of land for wildlife But in a landscape like ours, farm animals play a large role in delivering the habitats that many species depend upon. So the farming and the wildlife go in tandem and while in my heart the wildlife leads, in my head the farming will share the steering. Farming without a harvestable crop though is not farming to my mind and so, as the farm animals followed the conservation ideas so the farm produce followed the farming; and all of a sudden we were some kind of food producers. I was thinking about this journey recently after reading a nice quote about our pies in a feature in a local paper … “Each one had its own delicious flavour profile, the next one boasting completely different aromas and tastes to the last”. Without any explicit business plan to do so, that quote seems to capture what, once we became producers of food, we've intuitively been up to with our products down the years. Not products of distinction, but distinctive eating experiences. Lamb should taste distinctively of lamb, beef of beef etc. and eating them should be noticeable. There is an ethical dimension to this; there are too many dilemmas around the production and consumption of meat to be eating a protein that slips past in a meal without being noticed; if it's a sponge for a sauce that's needed I'd prefer to use a vegetable. Aside from that however, eating is great fun and for us the richness and rewards to be found in cooking and eating are very much dependant on what the raw materials bring to the table. I'm far more of a scientist than an artist but cooking does unlock a little corner of creativity and when I look at the palette of flavours available to me I'm always hoping for strongly pigmented colours to play with. If key ingredients have no impact I'm disappointed. And that personal hope to be rewarded by and not disappointed in our eating experiences in essence provides the raison d'etre for each and every product that we create.

The June order form is now open. SPECIALS THIS MONTH are our venison & juniper burgers (frozen) and smoked back bacon.

* There's our usual list of aged Belted Galloway Beef

* Hebridean Hogget/Lamb, the full range of fresh cuts

* SPECIAL OF THE MONTH: Venison & Juniper burgers (frozen), packed by 2 (together around 180g); perfect for an easy meal or a barbecue

* SECOND SPECIAL: We also have SMOKED back bacon on the menu this month as a special (our usual back bacon is unsmoked)

* We also have our home cured bacons and delicious gammon steaks back on the menu, as well as gammon boiling joints to make your own hams.

* Pork fillets (frozen)

* Our famed Wark Farm pies, made with our own hot water pastry recipe and filled to the brim with high quality meat (frozen)

All our beef and lamb meat is cut fresh, which means that it can be frozen at home. It also means that, while we try to accommodate everyone's requests, we cannot guarantee not to run out of certain cuts. We treat orders in order of receipt, meaning that the sooner you get your order in, the more likely it will be that you will get everything you requested for.

Unlike our meat, which is typically sold fresh, our famed pies are sold frozen, ready to be baked at home. Our pies are made from scratch at the farm, including their secret recipe golden crust.


OOrdering deadline: Tuesday 15th June, 5pm.

OOrder confirmations are not sent out automatically, but will be emailed to you by latest Wednesday 16th June.

COLLECTION/DELIVERY INFO: Orders can be collected at the farm (Sunday 20th June between 11.00am to 2pm) or picked up at Banchory Farmers Market (Saturday 19th June). We also do deliveries in central Aberdeen and Aberdeen City and most of Deeside and Donside. Deliveries will be done on Friday 18th June. Delivery is free of charge for orders above £40, otherwise it is £5 delivery charge. Please check with us whether we deliver to your area if this is the first time you're ordering from us.

PAYMENT INFO: Invoices will be sent out by email at latest Tuesday 22nd June with information on how to pay by bank transfer.

The updated order form link is below.

As ever please get in touch if you have any queries.

Best wishes 

Laurel & Sabrina