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Organic Geese, raised slowly, free ranging on our hill pastures

Free range geese on snowy hill
Young goslings drinking fresh water
Flock of geese looking onward towards sunset

Geese at Wark Farm

Geese are birds of the wild open spaces. Unlike turkeys which like a bit of shelter, a few trees to scuffle around in and not too much in the way of weather, our geese delight in the wild clean air that rattles across the farm, shortly after it leaves the Cairngorms. As for rain - yes please, bring it on. A stormy morning and the chance to fly into the wind is a breathtaking sight to behold and one that shows a flock of geese that's got what it needs.

The amazing flavour of a goose

All this fresh air and free-ranging produce a goose of outstanding flavour. Not as bulky of meat as a turkey, it makes up for it in packed in flavour and succulence. With the added bonus of goose fat for roasting your veg in. Classically roasted it makes a beautiful centrepiece to a special meal, or for the more adventurous, pan fried breasts and confit goose legs are the kind of dishes that linger in the mind long after they have left the taste buds.

Our birds

Over the last ten years we have been bringing in our geese as day old goslings from another organic flock and rearing them here, although we are now building up a specialist breeding flock on the farm so that every stage from the laying of the egg to the final preparation of the bird for the table happens on the farm, for both our and your complete reassurance of welfare, standards and quality. We believe this is the only organic certified breeding flock of geese in Scotland.

How to buy

The geese are mostly available once a year in December to coincide with our Christmas sales. They are available to order from October each year on our monthly order form.

From 2017 we will have hatching eggs available for sale during the spring. Please contact us for details