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News from Wark Farm October 2020

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  • 08-10-2020


October 2020

This is a guest post by SaM:

"Conservation isn't just about biodiversity, I've always wanted to see ‘bio abundance'." Laurel told me this midway a walk back up to the farm, as a whole bunch of birds flew out in front of us, weaving in and out the hedges lining the gravel path. She told me how much joy it brought her to not only encourage wildlife, but to also see visible success in raising wildlife population numbers. Not just 2 ducks sitting on our pond but 40 of them recorded by the wildlife camera, not a few goldfinch but masses of them perched on our electricity wires, not a single noise when you walk through the fields but a buzz of insects.

It fit right in with something else I learned, being a city girl and rather new to the world of foraging: When you go foraging, you only pluck if there is abundance and never more than you need. You pluck chanterelles, but you leave enough for growth the next year. You pluck dogrose hips and crabapples and slow berries, but you leave enough for the birds to feast on. Supporting diversity means fostering a sharing attitude.

Practical Info

Our October ordering form is now open to book your orders and very exciting: For October we're bringing back a lot of favourites such as sausages, pork cuts, gammon steaks and pork boiling joints to make your own ham. More info about this on our ordering form. ALSO WE ARE NOW TAKING PRE-ORDERS FOR THE FESTIVES. As most of our regulars know, we are an organic farm driven by careful stock management in harmony with the land, which means high quality produce but also limitations in available supply. As such, we welcome people to put their festive pre-orders in as soon as possible. In case you would like certain beef joints for the festivities, you can also request this in comments and we'll get back to you about what is possible. The link to the ordering form can be found below.

Link to order.

Thank you as always for all your support.

Laurel & Sabrina