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News from the Farm June 2024

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  • 10-06-2024

A picture of our coos having just been given access to a new strip of land. Happily munching away :-)

Stories from the farm June 2024

Guest post by SaM

Sometimes this life is mainly about facing things i suck at or discovering another thing that I didn’t know. But I guess there’s a good side to that too. After all, each time that we learn something, we grow, isn’t it? So, here’s about what I learned this week. I thought: weather sunny, grasses growing fast, animals happy. Right? Wrong! Laurel had already said in passing that the grass was getting away from us, but as it is when you don’t fully understand the implications of what someone is saying, it hadn’t really sunk in with my consciousness. Then, one day, busy finishing up some pie work, we get a call from the friendly neighbour. Our cattle were on the road. They’d jumped out of their bountiful fields, over the fences, worked their way up a few acres across an empty field and leisured their way through an open gate. Why? Because the grass in the other field might not have been bountiful but it was fresh growth. And it seems that our cattle don’t just care about an abundance of rich and herby grass but they prefer it at that exact sweet spot where it’s long enough for a mouth full but short enough to still be tender fresh growth. Talk about spoiled :-) Anyway, we led the cattle back to where they belonged, fortified the fences and I filed away another precious piece of knowledge.

So here I am right now, sitting in the fields, surrounded by our coos, while I’m typing this on my phone and I’m smiling. We all seek to challenge ourselves, and it’s the tiny victories that we take along.


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