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News from the Farm January 2024

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  • 15-01-2024

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Our new soak away filtering pools.

Stories from the farm January 2024

Guest post by SaM:

Happy New Year! I can’t believe another year has flown by so quickly and I’m still getting used to writing 2024 instead of 2023 whenever a form requires a date.

We’ve had a rocky start to the New Year. All the wet weather brought the water in the soil so high it not only flooded our pie room, butchery and chill but also our utility room, kitchen and sitting room. With the land so saturated, all the rain and wet snow pushed groundwater levels right over the waterproof tanking in our foundations. For all the 20 years that Laurel has lived here, she’s never seen it like that, nor the amount of water lying on sloping fields or the number of new ‘springs’ bursting out in all sorts of unexpected places.

So quite a few days have passed rather stressed, trying to work out exactly what had happened and after we sorted out the most urgent fixes, we booked a large digger and started to work on improving the drainage around the buildings. The result is that we’ll, hopefully, be better prepared than ever for coming years, though it really was not great not being able to enjoy our recently renovated living room over the holiday period while it dried out! And while the farm buildings will be better off, wildlife will be as well, as we also used the opportunity of having the digger onsite to form a series of new ‘soak away’ reed bed filtering pools below the farm buildings to process run off. These will be planted with reeds, yellow irises and other plants with willows nearby, in such a way that will attract (even more) wildlife. And having finished those, over on the far side of the farm, we’re now busy with the digger optimizing our land by improving the field drainage there, while at the same time creating interesting visual wild spots, with tiny connecting pools and streams by feeding a field drain into a more natural open watercourse. Even I felt the giddy excitement of seeing the land morph as Laurel and Joe (from Swift Landscapes) literally dug and re-landscaped it.

So here’s my wish for you (and for ourselves as well): May your year be filled with good health (because that one is so incredibly precious), happy moments and may any setbacks only be catalysts for improvement that will make you smile again when you look back. Happy New Year!


January 2024 Order Form

The January order form is now updated and online. You can find the link below to the order form with all our different meat cuts available, along with practical info about delivery/collection dates.

Our regular customers already know that it's first come, first serve for our delicious meat cuts that are not only full of flavour due to the breeds we use and their grass/herb diets, but also free of nasties such as pesticides and antibiotics. You can find all the info on the order form, including more info about the specials of the month.