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News From The Farm January 2023

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  • 12-01-2023

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Above: One of our favourite coos and her calf in the evening sun.

January 2023

The farm through SaM's eyes:

Hints of green emerge between brown mud and melting bits of packed snow. I read this lovely text about not making resolutions, not starting your year packed with never-ending pressure and it struck something inside me. We are often consumed by our own expectations, an endless striving for something better. To be better, to better our life or to better the lives of those we care about. And along with that there is the ‘hurry’. Time isn’t endless, so we often find ourselves rushing. Faster and faster, until we collapse or find other ways of escapism (for which phones are a convenient and addictive ally). But in the past few months, or maybe even longer, something inside me has shifted. I’ve recently noticed a certain pleasure in things that used to test my patience. The best example being my time spent in the tractor (alongside Laurel). I used to sit at the edge of the tiny side seat, wishing that the darn thing would drive a bit faster, but today as we were driving our pick-up over our farm road, I suddenly caught myself wishing I was in the tractor. Somehow I’ve learned to absorb more of my surroundings, to enjoy it. To see the green between the mud. My senses, my connect with the world has grown stronger. I now join Laurel in her pleasure of interacting with nature, such as spreading out silage instead of using feeding rings. Tossing silage in feeding rings for the cows outside to eat, makes a fast job. Shredding apart silage bales and spreading them over the land with the tractor, is a slow job, but it will be so interesting to see the results on the land, hopefully encouraging fertility. It is a nice feeling to be more grounded and to see more. So let me share a picture with you below, a picture that I took last week, while enjoying time with our coos.

Thank you as always for supporting us and wishing you a lovely year.

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Best wishes

Laurel & SaM

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