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News from the Farm December 2023

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  • 04-12-2023

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Not holly berries but rosehips putting a festive note to our farm

Stories from the farm December 2023

Festive post by SaM:

The person who works with Laurel on the farm has a name very appropriate for her: Holly. “Tis the season to be jolly” feels like a natural extension to her name and personality, up to the reindeer nose and antlers on her car, plus Christmas jumper. But for me and Laurel, the festive days are all about food, even more so than usual. Although the main part of our experience Christmas is at the other side of the butchers bench, preparing the food for our dear customers’ meals, I can’t help but feel a particular excitement about December’s meat sales, realising how fortunate we are to have a product that we love so much ourselves, that sharing it with others feels more like a passion than work. I found myself thoroughly enjoying the careful mixing up of herbs and spices for our wild venison sausages, rewarding ourselves with a pan of them that very evening, accompanied by redcurrant jelly, leeks in white sauce and mashed potatoes. And the few that were left, disappeared very fast at breakfast the next morning. When our Saddleback pork is being butchered, I hover around, excited about the different dishes I could make with various cuts, like a roasted pork joint and its delicious crackling, and I get even more excited when Laurel starts curing. We use good old fashioned dry curing, where liquid is poured away regularly, allowing the earthy flavours of our Saddleback Pork to come through even more. I’ve already reserved a gammon for ourselves to enjoy slicing over the seasonal days. Throughout the year we often cook a gammon boiling joint, but for a change it will be great having a larger gammon to play around with. I’m thinking instead of my usual marmalade glazing, a heather honey glaze. When I updated the order form (link below) today, it took me much longer than usual, as I found myself dreaming about what I’d do with various cuts. I guess with November having given me some time to rest, there’s some energy again to feel how much joy food brings. The joy of preparing it, the joy of sharing it and the connections it brings. Right in time to make the first snow feel like a gift and an invitation for some slow time amid the ever present chaos. Happy festive days to come everyone - and thank you for sharing this journey with us!

Open week is a week later this year to fit in with Christmas week, so there won’t be any collections at Banchory Market possible (unless you only want a gammon, bacons and/or pies). So orders will be either for delivery on Friday 22nd December or collection at the farm on Saturday 23rd December. We’re already putting out our ordering form now to allow people to order early. As always, orders will be treated on a first come, first serve basis, given limited supply. Thank you!

All practical info can be found on the ordering form (link below)

Merry festive days!

December 2023 Order Form