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News from the Farm October 2023

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  • 16-10-2023

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Our bull having his hoofs done.

Stories from the farm October 2023

Some years ago I read a very thought provoking, at times harrowing, book which favourably compared the store of memories that we accumulate through life with the as yet to be experienced anticipations of ones youth. I was indeed rather younger at the time but even allowing for that I recall acknowledging the theory of the authors words, but I couldn't really feel it. This month marks 20 years since I moved to Wark Farm and so, as well as wondering how many pairs of wellies I have got through in that time, a little bit of considering and pondering has been occurring too.

There are many Wark memories, of diverse hues and persuasions. The arrival of new farm animals have always been bright spots in the memory bank. First sightings of 'new' wildlife and in more recent years, moments of natural abundance also shine clearly. Digging the many ponds and pools, those moments all seem to be filed tidily for easy repeat viewing; I do like a muddy puddle. Some remarkably average moments are there too, just a sunny day, leaning on a gate, while a lark sings. There are dogs, quite a lot of dogs actually, and shared moments of thrilling collaboration. Many people dot the years; all manner of relationships built, children growing, both pleasures and pains shared. In the other camp there has certainly been an abundance of anticipation too, more than enough to make me too excited to sleep on rather too many nights. And happily there still is. There's always a new season coming, 'what might turn up', there's an abundance of opportunities up ahead to do something different, and perhaps better. It's always fun thinking about the next project. And dreaming about just one more pool in the wetland ... .

Do the memories win out? I'm still not sure I'm altogether ready to agree. The memories go back in time over years, but they're not really linear, they are spatial memories. They attach to the land, they burn brightest in their places. Over my twenty years here they have turned a farm into an intensely annotated living, moving, breathing, landscape. I have a tapestry, woven together through the cloth of the land and it only gets richer and more intricate with each passing week and year. And against this richness, the anticipation of new threads, to add yet more intricate detail to the present beauty, feel ever more valuable.

An October wind with the edge of winter is battering the farmhouse as I finish writing this. We are weary tonight after a long, and at times challenging, day working among our Belties. But I am content and grateful to be able to sit in this place, happy between my memories and my anticipations.


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