Wark Farm

Organic Farm and Butchery in Aberdeenshire

Phone Number: 01975 581149

Meat Sales

Serving customers through central Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen we have been retailing our range of meats direct to households for the last 10 years and are proud that some of our very first customers are still buying every month. All butchery is undertaken on the farm in our own Environmental Health approved butchery.

How to buy

Our produce is available on a once per month cycle, what we call our Open Days. The majority of what we sell each month is ordered in advance, so if there are particular products you are interested in, we advise placing an order in advance (see below for more details). 

More information can be found on the order form (link below).

There are three ways to buy:

Farm Visit

Your order can be collected at the farm between 11am to 2pm on our Open Sunday. This Open Sunday is usually the day after Banchory Farmers Market.

Orders Delivered

Your order can also be delivered in Deeside, Donside or Aberdeen. This is on the Friday before Banchory Farmers Market. Delivery is free for orders over £40.

Farmers Market

Come to Banchory Farmers Market (9am to 1pm) on the third Saturday of the month, and visit us at our stall. 

Placing an Order

Our online product list/order form is updated once a month in advance of the open days. The current form can be found here:

Every month, in advance of the Open Days, we send out an email with some topical news and views from the farm which confirms that month's dates, what products are available and contains a link to that months order form. If you would like to receive this email please enter your email below.

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Our Products

Belted Galloway Beef

Our Belted Galloway Beef is all grass fed and slow grown to allow it to mature at a natural speed. Most of the beef is from animals around three years old to give it a depth of flavour and fat distribution that really enhances the quality of the beef. Our aim is to be selling beef that really is beefy. Meat is hung for around three - four weeks to mature. We offer a full range of standard cuts but are happy to cut to special request for particular requirements.

Hebridean Lamb

Throughout the year we have available either new season lamb or more often hogget (lamb aged between one and two years). The grass fed Hebridean meat has a rich full flavour that is unmistakably lamb. It tends to be darker than some other lamb and has a nice fat distribution. We select our lamb to give enough fat for flavour and cooking without over fatness. The meat is normally hung for around two weeks. A wide range of joints and cuts are available and we are happy to prepare special requests. From time to time we also offer mutton (from sheep over two years old).

Dry Cured Bacon

Using pork from traditional breed pigs (Tamworth, Saddleback, Gloucester Old Spot), supplied by another local farm we produce a range of dry cured bacon. This is made in the traditional way by rubbing curing salt/sugar mixtures into meat, drawing out much of the moisture leaving a firm dry joint without over saltiness. Some of these cured loins, bellies and collars are then cold smoked in beech wood smoke, for up to two days, allowing us to offer a high quality range of unsmoked and smoked Back, Streaky and Collar bacon.


When we first started retailing meat from the farm we produced a lot of our own pork from Oxford, Sandy & Black pigs, a traditional breed. From this we developed a pie, called the Spotty Pig Pork Pie, a take on the traditional raised pork pie, which we sold in their thousands around Aberdeenshire, at farmers markets and in delis, farm shops and pubs. While we no longer have our own pigs, we still make a range of delicious pies, using pork from native breed pigs from other local farms. Even more, the success of our pork pies inspired us to expand our range with many different kind of pies, such as Galloway Beef & Onion pies, Galloway Beef & Cheese pies, Wild Venison & Juniper pies, etc. You can find more info at  www.warkfarmpies.co.uk 


We source our venison from Glentanar Estate about 15 minutes from the farm.

Our current product list/order form can be found here