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March 2020 at Wark Farm

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  • 12-03-2020


Wark Farm's puppies

This is a guest post by S Marchal.

The beauty of new life. Our Jessie became a new mum two weeks ago. Five cute little puppies, blind, squeaking and looking a little bit like chubby rats right now, but soon to become just as beautiful as their mum and dad. It wasn't an easy decision though to let our border collie breed. Puppies require care and training. And if they're to be working dogs, they require even more attention and time. Time, which is a limited commodity at every farm and/or working business. Plus giving birth is always a risk to the mum as well. But ultimately we decided that we needed a future successor for Jessie, and that breeding was the best way to achieve that.

While there are definitely common characteristics within a certain dog breed, every dog still has its own character and personality. At the farm we have two working border collies, Ben and Jess, and they couldn't be more different. Ben is a ridiculously handsome, sweet, cuddly boy, built for the front row of the rugby scrum; Jess a fast, on the mark, highly sensitive and energetic girl (and by a long way the smartest dog we've ever had). When they work, it's always the same one who leads, namely Jess. With a stretch, Ben could qualify as pet material, but Jess absolutely not. If she misses out on work for a few days, even if it's just bringing in the geese in the evening, the house will zing with her nervous energy. A week after giving birth she was back out in the stubble fields playing her game of trying to round up the skylarks (in the summer she plays the same game with low flying swallows). The dad of the puppies is Zeus, a friend's border collie whose character and build fits well with Jessie's. Smart as well, but maybe a bit more calm.

So now we have a nest of 5 puppies, of which one we'll keep at the farm and one will go to our friend. For the other 3 we will need to find good homes, but we'll be strict about that. We need to have a sense that we're leaving them in good hands and care. If you're interested, feel free to reach out to us, but please understand that the dogs are likely to be good working dogs and will need stimulating environments that allow for such characters. In the meantime we're looking forward to getting to know them as developing characters, just as we know Jess and Ben.

March Orders Form open now

We're now taking our first orders of the year. Order deadline is Wednesday 18th March at 5pm.

For March at Wark Farm we have our regular range available of Belted Galloway Beef, Hebridean Lamb and Bacons.

As ever we have our famed pies, ideal for a quick and easy lunch or dinner if served with some salads or other sides. There are our Beef&Onion, Beef&Cheese, Pork, Lamb&Prune or Pheasant&Apricot pies. Please note: as the pies are sold frozen (ready to bake at your own home), they can only be bought collect at the farm. We'll not be delivering any frozen goods and we will not be taking any frozen goods to the market.

As everything is freshly cut, we try to accommodate everyone's requests, but cannot guarantee it. We will also treat your orders in order of reception, meaning the sooner you get your order in, the more likelihood there is that you will be able to get your full order.


Ordering deadline: Wednesday 18th March, 5pm

Order confirmations are not sent out automatically, but will be emailed to you by latest Thursday 19th March.


Orders can be collected at Banchory market (Saturday 21th March, 9am to 1pm), collected at the farm (Sunday 22nd March, between 11.00 am to 2pm) or can be delivered (Friday 20th March) to Deeside, Donside & Aberdeen. Please note that there is only free delivery for regular meat orders of £35 or higher. If not, there is a £5 delivery charge. For delivery, please don't forget to input your address even if you already did so in the past. If lower than £35, a delivery charge of £5 will be added to your invoice.


Invoices will be sent out by email at latest Monday 23rd March with information on how to pay by bank transfer.

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