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January 2020 at Wark Farm

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  • 13-01-2020


The thing that keeps us going

We're now taking December/Christmas orders. 2019 was quite some year at Wark Farm. It's not one I should like to refill and repeat but I'm certainly glad we did it. That we survived and in parts even thrived, is a testament to connection, to both place and to people. Thoughts about connection have rumbled around in my mind a couple of times recently. One, a quote from someone who had been in social work for many years and concluded that connection is why we are here. The other when reading a newspaper opinion article that (in my simple summary) suggested faming the land was over and in the future as a race we should be looking to produce much more of our food in factories, leaving the countryside substantially to nature. I understand the big picture argument being presented and perhaps it will come to that. A ruthlessly pragmatic response to a highly populated planet that may otherwise cease to support us. But I'm not very comfortable with the idea of a food system that in it's very structure distances us from the natural world. As if somehow there are humans, who operate in one sphere and then there is the natural world in another. Personally, I love to be intimately connected to this muddy, complex and beautiful world that is also the source of my food. Maybe I'm an evolutionary throwback and I'll be left behind by the tide. But, In the meantime, in all the rough and tumble of 2019 it was connection that kept us going; old, new, deeper, stronger and further. Our connection to this place has in turn spawned so many life giving connections; with our customers, employees, suppliers, fellow traders, stockists, business networks and communities of interest, far and wide. Connection is why we are Here; Happy New Year all.

January Orders Form open now

We're now taking our first orders of the year. Order deadline is Wednesday 15th January at 5pm.

We have our regular range available of Belted Galloway Beef, Hebridean Lamb and Bacons.

We also have our famed pies, ideal for a quick and easy lunch or dinner if served with some salads or other sides. There are our Beef&Onion, Beef&Cheese, Pork, Lamb&Prune or Pheasant&Apricot pies. Please note: as the pies are sold frozen (ready to bake at your own home), they can only be bought collect at the farm. We'll not be delivering any frozen goods and we will not be taking any frozen goods to the market.


Ordering deadline: Wednesday 15th January, 5pm Order confirmations are not sent out automatically, but will be emailed to you by latest Wednesday 15th January.


Orders can be for collect at Banchory market (Saturday 18th January, 9am to 1pm), collect at the farm (Sunday 19th January, between 10.30am to 2pm) or can be delivered (Friday 17th January) to Deeside, Donside & Aberdeen. Please note that there is only free delivery for meat orders of £35 or higher. If not, there is a £5 delivery charge. For delivery, please don't forget to input your address even if you already did so in the past. If lower than £35, a delivery charge of £5 will be added to your invoice.


Invoices will be sent out by email at latest Sunday 19th January with information on how to pay by bank transfer.

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