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February 20202 at the Farm

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  • 10-02-2020


Changing landscapes

This is a guest post by S Marchal.

I'm not from this country, but I've grown to love it like my own. hSo i can't help being slightly unsettled by the wave of unrest that is called the Brexit.

But since i'm not from here and have no particular claims on any kind of political knowledge, i will make no statements, only voice some questions which raise to my mind.

I wonder how a country tearing itself apart from a larger alliance, will redefine its own identity. Will it even find its own identity or will it copy large parts of its American dream? And what will that mean for Scotland? For the Scottish people and for Scottish businesses?

Being part of Wark Farm and being adopted by local communities, it feels like a fragile and vulnerable era. We feel it with grant programs being paused, paralysed by uncertainty. We feel it when looking at the media and seeing how manipulation leads masses to make decisions against their own good. And we feel it when people are scrambling for multiple passports, now torn between worlds separating.

BAmongst all of this, i however feel an even stronger emotion. I feel a sense of national pride, even if it's not my own country. They say you never appreciate what you have until you risk losing it. So I speak out, of my fears, but also of my appreciation. I speak out for people who still buy local, who will not let exploitive commercialism reign their daily purchases and who remain critical. That we may avoid a world where people cheaply purchase calories, and lose all entitlement to food good for body, soul and mind.

February Orders Form open now

We're now taking our first orders of the year. Order deadline is Wednesday 12th February at 5pm.

For February at Wark Farm we have our regular range available of Belted Galloway Beef, Hebridean Lamb and Bacons. This month we also have boiling chicken portion packs available for slow cooking, casseroles, coq au vin and soups pots.

As ever we have our famed pies, ideal for a quick and easy lunch or dinner if served with some salads or other sides. There are our Beef&Onion, Beef&Cheese, Pork, Lamb&Prune or Pheasant&Apricot pies. Please note: as the pies are sold frozen (ready to bake at your own home), they can only be bought collect at the farm. We'll not be delivering any frozen goods and we will not be taking any frozen goods to the market.

As everything is freshly cut, we try to accommodate everyone's requests, but cannot guarantee it. We will also treat your orders in order of reception, meaning the sooner you get your order in, the more likelihood there is that you will be able to get your full order.


Ordering deadline: Wednesday 12th February, 5pm Order confirmations are not sent out automatically, but will be emailed to you by latest Thursday 13th January.


Orders can be collected at Banchory market (Saturday 15th February, 9am to 1pm), collected at the farm (Sunday 16th February, between 10.30am to 2pm) or can be delivered (Friday 14th February) to Deeside, Donside & Aberdeen. Please note that there is only free delivery for regular meat orders of £35 or higher. If not, there is a £5 delivery charge. For delivery, please don't forget to input your address even if you already did so in the past. If lower than £35, a delivery charge of £5 will be added to your invoice.


Invoices will be sent out by email at latest Sunday 16th February with information on how to pay by bank transfer.

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