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News from Wark Farm August 2021

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  • 24-08-2021


Newsletter August 2021

Guest post by SaM

Scotland's moody weather really comes through at the farm. Even the Belties regularly take their hiding in the shed instead of happily grazing on some tasty grass. Of course, in the event that we actually do need the cattle in the shed, chances are large that it's one of those days that they actually prefer remaining outside, in the dampy mist. Like a few days ago this week. It was one of those days that you already know is going to be a low point in your week and true enough, it wasn't exactly the most smooth running day I'd ever seen. The Belties had to be brought in for their 4 yearly routine TB (tuberculosis) testing by the vet. The first group to be brought in made it up to 20 meters from the shed, then broke through the single weak spot in the fence, merrily joining another group of cattle. The second group scattered in all directions except through the gate where they were supposed to go through. We tried luring them with pellets, but already being a bit stewed up, they refused to come. The last resort was using a field long (electric) thread to slowly walk them and close them into a corner of the field after which we patiently waited for them to discover the open gate for themselves. A series of other mishaps still followed before we got them to where they needed to be and the vet managed to finally do what she needed to do.

All of that being said, we wouldn't trade our feisty Belties in for any other breed. Some things are worth the hassle. Even more, sometimes it's the hassle that gives life it's flavour. Our Belties and mischievous Hebridean lamb (masters in escaping) can be real pests, but they do color and flavour the wild landscape we love so much. There's no need to chafe off the rougher edges. Though I do admit to sometimes wishing for an easier ride 😊

The August order form is now open.

On our product range for this month: * There's our usual list of aged Belted Galloway Beef * Hebridean Hogget/Lamb, the full range of fresh cuts * Due to their popularity, we're again having SMOKED back bacon and SMOKED streaky bacon on the menu * We also have our home cured unsmoked bacons and delicious gammon steaks back on the menu, as well as gammon boiling joints to make your own hams. * Our famed Wark Farm pies, made with our own hot water pastry recipe and filled to the brim with high quality meat (frozen) All our beef and lamb meat is cut fresh, which means that it can be frozen at home. It also means that, while we try to accommodate everyone's requests, we cannot guarantee not to run out of certain cuts. We treat orders in order of receipt, meaning that the sooner you get your order in, the more likely it will be that you will get everything you requested for. Unlike our meat, which is typically sold fresh, our famed pies are sold frozen, ready to be baked at home. Our pies are made from scratch at the farm, including their secret recipe golden crust. ORDER INFO: Ordering deadline: Tuesday 17th August, noon. Order confirmations are not sent out automatically, but will be emailed to you by latest Wednesday 18th August. COLLECTION/DELIVERY INFO: Orders can be collected at the farm (Sunday 22nd August between 11.00am to 2pm) or picked up at Banchory Farmers Market (Saturday 21th August). We also do deliveries in central Aberdeen and Aberdeen City and most of Deeside and Donside. Deliveries will be done on Friday 20th August. Delivery is free of charge for orders above £40, otherwise it is £5 delivery charge. Please check with us whether we deliver to your area if this is the first time you're ordering from us. The updated order form link is below. As ever please get in touch if you have any queries. Best wishes Laurel & Sabrina The updated order form link is below.

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