Wark Farm

Organic Farm, butchery, holiday cottage and textiles in Aberdeenshire

Phone Number: 01975 581149


Inspired by the beautiful range of natural fleece colours that we have in our flocks of pure bred Hebridean sheep and Hebridean crossed sheep we have developed our own range of organic wool scarves, throws and blankets with the help of small scale organic certified spinners and weavers.

Looking across a field or pen of our sheep is a lovely sight, the fleeces range from the deep almost pure black of pure bred Hebridean's through silvery fleeces, dark browns, beiges to, at the other end of the spectrum, the natural creams. Seeing them like this it's only a short step to imagine the wool becoming beautiful garments.

After shearing the sheep, which normally takes place in July, we clean and sort the fleeces into the different shades, typically five different colours. These are then sent to a specialist mill that separates the fibres in the fleeces, cleans them and spins them into yarn of the different natural colours. The coned yarn then heads off to a craft weaver who turns it into bolts of fabric in five or six different weave patterns before finally creating scarves, throws and blankets from it.

The textiles are available from a number of local stockists in Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen and also online through our Folksy Shop, which can be found here.