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Monday 23rd of October 2017

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Wark Farm Butchery & Meat Cookery Days

Become a canny consumer and clever cook with our half and whole Butchery and Meat Cookery days.

At Wark Farm we’ve banked up quite a lot of know how about meat. Over the course of 12 years on our 220 acres of organic grassland we’ve got to know everything and possibly a bit more that you could ever wish to know about meat.

In order to share this knowledge we’re running a series of half and whole Butchery and Meat Cookery Days for groups of up to 6 people. We had our first one in September this year, and are looking forward to welcoming another group on to the farm this month.

What’s the difference between a half and whole day?

Half a day on the farm will give you a great idea of butchery. We’ll explain the components of a carcass which produce different cuts – chops, gigots, shanks, loin etc. – giving an explanation for their differences in texture, flavour and price so you can be canny at the counter. You’ll try your hand at butchery, and go home with a joint you’ve boned and rolled yourself, as well as a handy butchery information pack.

A whole day on the farm will give a more holistic view of farming, butchery and meat cookery. As well as the butchery included in the half day, we will have a tour of the farm with an insight in to how to manage a flock to produce healthy, flavoursome meat. Should we all be eating organic and grass-fed? See these farming practices in action to help you make up your mind and become a more informed meat consumer. We’ll also go in to the kitchen for a cookery demo and lunch teaching the techniques and flavour pairings that match certain cuts of meat. This will help you in planning meals, giving an understanding of the raw ingredient to help you get the best out of your meat. As well as your joint and butchery information pack, you’ll also take away an information pack on cooking with meat.

Whole and Half Day Itineraries

Half Day: Butchery

9.30am – 11am Butchery Demonstration Complete break down of a carcass
11am-11.30am Coffee and Homemade Cake
11.30am-1pm Butchery Practical Boning and rolling a shoulder
Take aways: rolled joint and butchery information pack

Whole Day: Butchery, Farming and Meat Cookery

10am-10.30am Cookery Demonstration Slow cooking meat using a pressure cooker
10.30am-12pm Butchery DemonstrationComplete break down of a carcass
12pm-1pm Lunch and Discussion of Meat CookerySlow cooked meat, run through of meat cookery, information packs
1pm-2.30pm Farm WalkExplanation of flock care, grazing systems and conservation
2.30 - 4pm Butchery Practical Boning and rolling a shoulder
Take aways: rolled joint, butchery information pack, meat cookery information pack

When, how much, and how to sign up?

The days will run on the second Saturday of every month, excluding December. Whether the day is a whole or a half day depends on the interest in either in a given month. Please email us with your availability and preference and we will put together groups and let you know when the next half or whole day will be running.

We have tried to keep costs as low as possible, but we are also keen to group sizes small and include a practical element. Prices are set at £65 for a half day and £115 for a whole day.

What participants said about our last Butchery and Meat Cookery Day

"The thought and effort going into raising the lamb on the farm was fascinating." Mike, Lumphanan
"The most interesting thing for me was…] "…Seeing where all the cuts on the carcass come from and how nearly everything is used, and also the cooking tips from Laurel, I wasn’t expecting that. Also the energy and enthusiasm for the farm, vary informative and thought provoking." Sue, Lumphanan
"I enjoyed the challenge of preparing the shoulder of lamb and proudly served it for Sunday lunch. The whole family loved it!" Allie, Elgin
""I was amazed and enthused at how much of the animal was used and how little waste there was from a carcass, and I completely respect the art that is butchery now!" Sara, Aboyne

Should you wish to book 'a place on a day' or arrange a group booking, please email Megan on [email protected]